The Valentine's week

Valentine's week is one on the most awaited week for young people across the globe. The Valentine's week is specially very popular. 
Many of the peoples always try to praise Valentine's day unique special way.
Let’s look at the Valentine's Day Days:
Day 1 – Rose Day (День троянд) – 7th February
Day 2 – Propose Day (День пропозицій) – 8th February
Day 3 – Chocolate Day (День шоколадок) – 9th February
Day 4 – Teddy Day (День плюшевих ведмежаток) – 10th February
Day 5 – Promise Day (День обіцянок) – 11th February
Day 6 – Hug Day (День обійм) – 12th February
Day 7 – Kiss Day (День поцілунків) – 13th February
Day 8 – Valentines Day – 14th February

The Valentine's week starts with the Rose Day on 7th Feb, this is 1st day of the Valentine's week starts on Sunday. On this day peoples can give Red, pink, yellow and while roses to their dear ones you love, who you love, close friends or whom who feel something.

Next day is Propose Day, which falls on 8th Feb, you can propose to your love once. Get the special Propose Card, Bouquet and special gift and express you feeling to your loved one.

The 3rd Day is the Chocolate Day, which is celebrates on 9th Feb. On this day friends, love ones and family members exchange the chocolates.

The Next 4th Day Celebrates as the Teddy Day on 10th Feb. On this day you can gist the teddy to your love ones, best friends, brother, sisters and mom. Teddy is the always the best gift for express your feelings. Valentine's week is not only the week of couples, best buddies, mom-dad, bothers, sisters also shares

The 5th Day is the Promise Day, celebrates on 11th Feb, it is the day of promise, faith, trust in each other. On this day peoples can take and give the promise to each other.

The Valentine's week 6th Day is Hug Day which celebrated on 12th Feb, the day of spread love. The day is not meant for Lovers, also anyone can hug dear ones and receive the Hug in return. A single love of your can make their day special.

The most awaited 7th Day is Kiss Day which is celebrated just before the Valentines day on 13th Feb. 

The Last day of Valentine's Week is Valentine Day14th  February (as consistently) everywhere throughout the world, individuals will observe Valentine's Day, spend some time with your sweetheart, kisses, hugs, blessings, romantic tunes, talks, jokes, candle light supper, long ride, short ride, parks. Do whatever you can on this day. This day is has a place with the one whom you adore the most, he/she merit this day alongside you.

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